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How to clean

Step One

Remove your sponge from the bulb and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear with warm water and a mild cleanser (baby shampoo is great).

Step Two

To clean the nozzle and bulb, remove nozzle & fill the sink with warm mild soapy water and purge the bulb. Use the cleaning brush to clean inside the nozzle.

Step Three

Leaving some warm soapy water inside the bulb , grab your cleaning brush and scrub lightly inside the bulb getting off as much loose residue you can.

Step Four

With a warm facecloth clean the outside of the Beauty Bulb.

Lay the bulb upside down on a towel to drain with the sponge, make sure they are away from direct sunlight.

TIP- Taking your Beauty Tool & Sponges in the shower is a great easy & quick way to clean them!

To get any stubborn foundation marks off the outside of the bulb, dilute tiny bit of Jif with some water on a cloth and wipe- it will look brand new!