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Our Story

Meet Sarah Williams, mother of two, makeup artist, hairstylist and founder of The Perfect Squeeze.

In today's world, we all lead very busy lives and our time is valuable. With this in mind, Sarah set out to create the perfect beauty product tool that would save time by simplifying our day to day beauty and makeup routines.

Spend less time doing your makeup and more time doing the things you love! The best part - you can carry our tool with you wherever you go! Spontaneous drinks, quick work meetings, festivals, on the plane - we got you covered, literally.

"I believe the world needs more solutions to existing problems - let this tool make your beauty life easier."

How It Started

In 2018, after having her first child, Sarah set out to simplify her beauty and makeup routine. Two and a half years of research, development and failed prototypes later she had finally perfected the ultimate time-saving tool. To be able to take the tool with her wherever she went was a lifesaver, especially with two young children.

Our tool can be filled with all your favourite products - foundation/concealer, primer, highlighter, sunscreen and more! Instead of taking all your products with you, now you need only one. Less time in the bathroom means more time for fun! Let your beauty routine work in with your life. 

Life is short, have fun & look good while you're doing it!