How to use

Step One

Choose your desired sized Beauty Bulb. Mini Bulb holds 12ml, larger Bulb holds 28ml.

Remove nozzle from the bulb and then insert funnel into the bulb. You can also squeeze your beauty liquids into the opening of the beauty bulb rather than using the funnel.

Step Two

Fill your beauty bulb with your desired beauty liquids. Squeeze the bulb and release as you fill to allow the bulb to suction in the liquids. (Remember to hold the funnel and bulb while doing this.)

Step Three

Remove the funnel and replace nozzle back onto the bulb - it will click in firmly. If using more than one beauty liquid give the bulb a little shake to mix in the liquids, alternatively you can use the end of the cleaning brush to mix.

Step Four

Choose your desired beauty sponge and slide on top of the nozzle right to the bottom where it will sit nicely on top of the groove of the bulb. It has been designed to allow some movement to ensure easy application and easy removal.

Step Five

Give your Beauty Bulb a squeeze & your beauty liquids will disperse through the tip of the sponge!

Hold bulb between your fingers in the groove where the sponge and bulb meet, squeeze the bulb until desired amount is sitting on the sponge and apply to face.

Great thing about this Beauty Tool is you only disperse what you need at a time rather than wasting lots of product!

Step Six

Keep Sponge on the top of the bulb and put into your makeup pouch & take with you everywhere!

Remember to keep a sponge on the top to avoid any oxidising & don't leave in the hot sun.