Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use my beauty tool?

Please click here for step by step instructions.
Please note when you are assembling your Beauty Tool to ensure your Beauty Sponge sits right in the groove in the neck of the Beauty Bulb. This will ensure no leaking or oxidising of your products.

Can i use my Beauty Sponge dry?

Dermatologist's have recommended that if you are using sunscreen in your beauty bulb you can also use your beauty sponge dry (or damp) see what works best for your product.

Does my Beauty Tool come with product inside?

Your Beauty Tool comes empty - just fill & refill with your favourite water based products!


How do fill my beauty tool?

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How much liquid can the Beauty bulbs hold?

The large Beauty bulb holds approx 30ml 
The Mini Beauty bulb holds approx 12ml 

What is the Beauty bulb made of?

The Beauty bulb is made of a high quality food grade & environmentally friendly silicone.  This is very long lasting and durable. Silicone is much more ocean friendly than plastic & it can be used over and over again while still remaining in good condition- meaning no need to throw away like you would if it was plastic!  Silicone is also naturally anti-microbial meaning it won't harvest germs and bacteria!


Is it safe to decanter my SPF into another container?

Yes! Providing you ensure your beauty bulb has been thoroughly cleaned ( after cleaning we also recommend to soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes) and is 100% dry before filling. We recommend to only have your sunscreen inside the beauty bulb for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time prior to cleaning and refilling. Ensure you don't leave your beauty bulb anywhere where excessive heat can damage your sunscreen. We have made the beauty bulbs only a small size to only last a few days for sunscreen to ensure you empty and clean regularly and don't use as permanent storage for sunscreen.

What sunscreens are safe in my beauty tool?

Providing your sunscreen isn't anhydrous then its safe! Please remember this isn't a permanent storage for your sunscreen and we recommend for only up to 2 weeks. Also products/sunscreens that are really runny or super thick aren't recommended to use inside your beauty tool.

How do i know if i've applied enough SPF using the beauty tool?

Dermatologists recommend a teaspoon of sunscreen for the face. Squeeze the product out and apply on your skin straight away. If you are applying over makeup then tap the sunscreen in-otherwise we also wipe the product and blend in on a clean face. Dermatologists even recommend to do this with a dry beauty sponge- but see what works for you!

How long can my products stay in the bulb?

The bulb has been cleverly designed to ensure no oxidising  of your beauty products providing you keep the sponge on the top of the nozzle. Some products can last in the Beauty Bulb for 2-3 days, ( depending what you are mixing) some can last 2-3 weeks!  If you are using your beauty bulb for SPF please ensure you thoroughly clean and dry your beauty bulb prior to filling & only allow SPF inside for max 2 weeks at a time.

 How do I clean my bulb and nozzle?

We strongly recommend cleaning the sponges daily with a mild cleanser/shampoo (like baby shampoo) or a specific beauty sponge cleaner. We also recommend replacing the sponges every 3months if your sponges are used daily.  Please check out our tutorial page on how to clean.

What products can I put in my The Perfect Squeeze beauty tool?

Your products need to be water or oil based. Products that are silicone based unfortunately will react to the silicone bulb & therefore can't be used inside the Beauty Tool. Silicone can be present in your product but it can't be a 'silicone based' product.
If you are unsure if your product is water or silicone based please reach out to us at hello@theperfectsqueeze.com. 

-Cone/-methicone and -siloxane words near the top of the list tend to signal a silicone-based product.

We have used ours with  BB Creams, tanning drops, highlighters, facial oils, moisturisers, Bronzing Serums, and even sunscreen !  

What sponge should I use?

This is a personal preference, they both work really well for blending in your foundations/concealer.

The Blending sponge is great for larger areas of the face!

The Contour sponge gets into the smaller trickier areas. Have a play and see what works best for you!

Help my Sponge isn't dispersing!

This will only be one of two factors.
1.) You don't have enough product in the bulb
2.) You haven't cleaned out the sponge or nozzle and some product has got stuck in the middle. Just give it a rinse and it will disperse again.

We do recommend to clean out your Nozzles once a week.

Help my product is drying out inside beauty bulb !

This will only be one of two things.
Firstly , it has oxidised- so you have left without a sponge on the top or somewhere to warm.
Secondly, if your product is Silicone based it unfortunately can't be used in TPS Beauty Tool. 

Shipping & Delivery

What are shipping costs and times?

Shipping costs and times can be found here.

Where do you deliver?

We offer worldwide shipping!

Where is my order shipped from?

The Perfect Squeeze ships from their warehouse in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Will I be charged customs/import duties?

Orders to countries outside of New Zealand may be subject to import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country. We are unable to calculate the exact amount of duties and taxes your package will incur as these charges are imposed directly by your local customs.

Help my package is lost! What do I do?

Please email us with your order details so we can help you out. Unfortunately, we are not liable for orders that have been scanned as delivered.


Can I cancel an order or change my address?

Once your order is placed its not possible to change, cancel or update your order as its an automatic system that cant be stopped once the order has been placed. This ensures our orders can be fulfilled promptly.

How can I check the status of my order once its been placed?

Once your order has been placed you will be sent a tracking link. Alternatively, email us for an update. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept all major credit cards. Afterpay & Laybuy & ShopPay